Gillian Newsum
10,38 MB
31 Oct 2004

Looking for a Training the Sport Horse book? Interesting ... It looks like this book is on our website Training the Sport Horse PDF - reading online is now so easy!

Based on his experiences as an international dressage and three-day event competitor, Christopher Bartle gives the reader a complete guide to the education of horses and riders for all disciplines. The author is one of the most respected riders and trainers in the world and, now for the first time, he has produced a book so that every rider has the opportunity to learn from his training techniques. His system of training centres on the need for a partnership between horse and rider in which they share responsibilities. A clear understanding of these responsibilities is the key to success. The rider - the senior partner in the relationship - sets the goals and communicates with the horse. The horse must learn to respond but also to look after himself and not rely on the rider. "Training the Sport Horse" covers all areas from 'nursery school' to more advanced work, competition riding and problem solving. The rider's initial role is to establish his own posture and balance and learn to communicate with the horse through body language and position, using the language of touch initially to educate and then to support.There is an explanation of the horse's biomechanics - how he carries and uses himself - so that the rider can understand how to improve his horse's self-carriage and also to recognize his horse's strengths and weaknesses.

Written by one of the most respected riders and trainers in the world, this book is a comprehensive guide to training the horse and rider for all disciplines, from novice to advanced levels. Destined to become a training classic, this important work includes information on building a partnership ...